Ann M. Ferris, PhD, RD

For over 35 years, Ann Ferris has led a team of researchers and educators dedicated to explaining, preventing, and treating the high occurrences of food-related conditions, particularly childhood obesity and iron-deficiency anemia in underserved and poor families.  To be successful, programs developed by her group require both close collaborations with multiple public and private agencies and the maintenance of a continuous funding stream.


While she was head of the Department of Nutritional Sciences (1990-1995), the Connecticut Department of Social Services requested that she start the Connecticut SNAP-ED, a program that has continued since 1994 and now includes five cooperating contractors.  This work continues to compliment her funding from federal agencies and private foundations.


In 2004, the then President of UConn, Philip Austin,  appointed her  as the co-lead in a university wide effort to expand UConn’s commitment to public health and health care reform.  This effort led to the development of the Center for Public Health and Health Policy (CPHHP), a cross-university policy, research, and outreach center with 35 professional staff and faculty who lead initiatives in health information, health care reform, community transformation, health promotion, urban health, workforce development, and doctoral and inter-professional education.  She directed CPHHP until her retirement in 2015.  Now as an emerita professor in medicine and public health, she continues to lead her research and programmatic staff in the prevention of childhood obesity and increasing healthy food access.


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