Husky Nutrition (NUSC 3171)

Husky Nutrition emphasizes community service, with learning laboratory and site lesson plan development all focused on enhancing the applied, community experience.  The goal of this course is to increase a students’ understanding of nutrition and health in underserved communities, gain skills in conveying healthy nutrition messages to families, and solidify the students’ cultural competence.  At the community site, students interact with parents or caregivers and their children, engaging them and delivering brief, healthy nutrition messages when the parents and caregivers come to pick up their children.


The overall goals of the course are threefold: 1) to understand the principles of healthy nutrition messaging and be able to convey these principles in the community; 2) to have a positive impact on community health and well-being by providing nutrition education to parents and caregivers of pre-school children that results in reducing children’s consumption of sweetened beverages; and 3) to listen to and learn from parents, caregivers and children about their communities: what works to improve good nutrition and what challenges they face.

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