Husky Reads

Husky Reads (NUSC 1161 or ELDR 1161)

Low literacy and limited access to healthy foods is particularly acute in urban youth living in poverty. This course provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to deliver basic nutrition information and promote literacy to preschoolers.  Students work in pairs or in small teams, using prepared lesson plans that allow the UConn students to focus on literacy activities, while at the same time, acquiring classroom management skills. In addition, students benefit from experiential learning in community settings that increases their cultural competence with the groups served.


The overall goal of Husky Reads is to provide basic nutrition information and healthy food tastings to young (preschool-aged) children living in under-served urban areas in Connecticut.  Additionally, the Husky Reads experience is designed to provide students with opportunities to participate in advocacy, education and service to the community in the areas of public health and nutrition.

Last update:  May 3, 2017

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